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Sometimes love means taking a step back. If you care about somebody, you should want them to be happy even if you wind up being left out.
Ted Mosby (via rafaella182)
My family is very sick

Therefore I am sick

Dear World

Please stop spinning, you’re making me sick. 

You’re scary

Like Hitler or a nuclear bomb. You’re scary like a really really big wave or a gigantic earthquake. You’re scary like a blue baby or a limp lamb. You’re scary like a clock counting down and a fire burning brighter. You’re scary Natacha, you absolutely positively more than anything terrifying. You scare me to death, and I love it. 


Mom said: “Tell him something that makes you special.” She said: “I have a fake eye because I had cancer.”


Mom said: “Tell him something that makes you special.” 
She said: “I have a fake eye because I had cancer.”

The empty calls of hallowed seekers are speaking beautifully my name. They sing of holy tales and my artificial demise. I blame them passionately and plead for my ears to fail. The words they speak are alien and horrid. Oh how these soothsayers know to pick at my brain and rip my soul apart. These unfathomable truth-lies cut at me like blunt razors and lively thorns. The blood is running so quickly that my heart cannot keep up. I’m turning into a pathetic puddle of brown and red. Yes godly sirens i can hear you clearly. You’ve taken control of my feet. My teeth are too dull to gnaw away at my legs and set me free. I can only pray that god may take pity on me and do what I cannot.

You’re laying on my lap right now

I wish I could take away these things from you

Dear Rose

I will dream about you tonight

  • Hey, do you wanna see a trick?

  • Yeah sure

  • *unzips pants*